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Nominations are now Closed.

Nominations must be submitted in a word document format and contain between 300 -1000 words. Submissions must be sent direct via email to

·    Your nomination must include the following;

      o Chosen Award Category(s)

      o Company Name

      o Contact Name & Telephone Number should your nomination be shortlisted

      o Written entry to consist of between 300 and 1,000 words. Please ensure you have read the award criteria for your chosen category as                    judges will be marking submissions based on this criteria.

  • Companies can enter a maximum of four categories

  • All nominations will be treated as confidential at all times

  • The awards are completely FREE to enter!​

  • Judges are looking for a clear and concise submission. Show us how your results have aligned with your objectives, and how this has been achieved through creativity and innovation. Share facts and figures where relevant to evidence your outcomes. We want to know why you have the leading edge! You're welcome to submit additional supporting evidence (beyond your 1000 words) however this is at the judge's discretion to view therefore please remember 'quality over quantity'.

  • Judging process: Judges privately judge their allocated categories and create a shortlist by awarding points. Once all the judges’ points are accrued the shortlist is determined and announced. All judges will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest with the entries they have been assigned to review, and withdrawn accordingly from that category in the case of a conflict. Each judge reads their allocated nomination files privately and confidentially in their own time so there is no conferring between judges. All judges are required to sign non-Disclosure agreements in order to join the panel.

  • The judging panel may decide that there are insufficient entries which meet the minimum expectations / criteria within a category. A category may be withdrawn under such circumstances.

  • In the event that nominees are tied on points then the Chair & Vice-Chair are asked to judge that particular category. The judge's decision is absolute and final in all cases.

  • Judgment to be based on some of (but not limited to all) category criteria points

  • Nominations must be submitted no later than Friday 27th October 2023

  • Shortlisted companies will be contacted week commencing 4th December 2023 and will be offered a priority ticket allocation.

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