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Donna Scully 2023 photo_edited.png

Donna Scully
Joint Owner/Director
Carpenters Group


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Announced Soon...

Sheryl Fernando_edited.png

Sheryl Fernando
Director of Membership & Commercial Development

Andrew Gibbons.jpg

Andrew Gibbons
Managing Director at Mason Owen Financial Services Ltd
Chair of the Industry Claims Group at BIBA

ian golding_edited.png

Ian Golding
Global Customer Experience Specialist
Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd

Leigh Hopwood.jpg

Leigh Hopwood
CEO, CCMA (Call Centre Management Association)

Headshot Sharon Brown_edited.png

Sharon Brown
Chief Commercial Officer at Greenkite
Board Member of the MGAA

Gerry Brown_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Gerry Brown
The Customer Lifeguard

Daryn Robinson_edited_edited.png

Daryn Robinson
Technical Director- CX Transformations

Joby Russell- hey I'm Joby_edited.png

Joby Russell
Former Marketing Director of Admiral Group and
CEO of Hey, I'm Joby

Cheryl Graham Headshot_A_edited.png

Cheryl Graham
Service Strategy Manager- Digital Service, CX & Tech Features
Sky Group Service Management

Simon Fenn.jpg

Simon Fenn
Director at Pancentric Digital
Pancentric Digital

Megan Kuczynski_edited.png

Megan Kuczynski
Insurtech Insights

Matt Connell_edited.png

Matthew Connell
Director of Policy and Public Affairs
Chartered Insurance Institute

Jason Lea_edited.png

Jason Lea
Strategic Sales Manager

Joel Walker_edited.png

Joel Walker
Managing Director International
The Knowledge Group

Ed Bolton_edited.png

Ed Bolton
Partner Manager
Trust Pilot

Flo Powell_edited.png

Flo Powell
Joint Managing Director

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 16.28.44.png

Roger Taylor
Co-Founder at Famn Ltd
Famn Ltd

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